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Halomon by ichigostrawberri
I decided recently to create my own digimon, as I'm very interested in angels and demons I made a digimon to oppose Lucemon. So I made a digimon line loosely based on the archangel Michael/Mikael as some people spell it.  I'm planning a fanfic revolved around Lucemon and he used to have a student digimon called Mikamon, he managed to temporarily convert him to a 'corrupted mode' before Mikamon realised what Lucemon was doing was wrong and turned against him.
This is the Fresh/Baby stage Halomon.
Next I need to make the In training/baby II Spirimon :3 Will look like Halomon but more humanoid.

Other stages:
Rookie/Child- Fledglinmon
Champion/Adult - Mikamon (though he certainly will not look like an adult)
Ultimate/Perfect- Mikamon Corrupt Mode
Mega/Ultimate- Mikamon Risen Mode
Supernatural Shipping Meme by ichigostrawberri
Supernatural Shipping Meme
My twisted supernatural pairings

I'm not 100% about samifer but it seems alright
I love Destiel
And Sabriel
And Michifer for some reason. That's my SPN otp. My favourite otp anyway :P 
Sastiel is cute hehe
I don't see much of an issue with the male x female character pairings
Adam x Michael is a definite no. Mostly as he got the poor kid killed. And hopefully Adam died when Cas threw the molotov at Michael. Otherwise Mike and Luce would probably batter him for fun in the cage
Crowley and Bobby is funny XD I can't picture either with anyone else honestly.
I don't know Benny much at all but usually if I don't pair a guy up he's in a bromance lmao
Michean is rather alright, surprised it exists but it's alright. 
And I just like slash. So Dean gets the other two archangels paired with him lol 


United Kingdom
Seriously. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Do we seriously have to be PREMIUM members to change our usernames? Now it is things like this that make people create multiple accounts.  I'm stuck with a stupid username I made when I was 13. 

Anyway, It's been ages since I made a journal entry so I did one. 

Updated favourite anime:
Sengoku Basara
Vampire Knight.
Ouran High School Host Club.
Sword Art Online
Annnndddd morrreeee!

Okay and as some people are aware, I'm an author of original fiction as well as fanfiction. I would appreciate feedback on my work, especially for Twilight Crystal

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