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Linda by ichigostrawberri
Dim Sun OC. Unfortunately no Dim Sun outfit so improvised. She seems sweet but can be as fiery as her Cyndaquil. Cousin to Mia and Kalin.
Kalin by ichigostrawberri
If no one can tell, he's a Go Rock Squad OC. Because I couldn't find real outfit. He's Mia's cousin. He may look happy but he can actually be pretty grumpy. He also has a crush on one of the Go Rock Quads.
Mia by ichigostrawberri
My first Ranger Villain Team OC. She used to be a ranger, Chikorita is her partner. It swallowed an everstone like most partner pokemon seem to do.
Ichigo by ichigostrawberri
Despite her innocent name, Ichigo is pretty evil. She's not part of a evil team but that's only because she's not decided which one.  Made with…
And yeah, I know this is my second OC with Umbreon. Umbreon's awesome.


brittany mileham
United Kingdom
I suggest only mature teenagers look at this.

High School Situation Meme  (original)

0) Ichigo (can't be bothered  full u-name)

1. Rosa
2. Black
3. Axel
4. Mei
5. Kari
6. Light
7. Ikari
8. Crystal
9. Fira 
10. Phoenix

1) 9, 4 and you are in one door room. What are you reaction?
Me: ...Hi?

2)7 decide to visit you to see how does the moving in your dorm goes. What does 7 see when it opens the door to your room?
Ikari: ... This room is a tip.
Me: Sowwy...

3) You first class biology you sit beside 2 who forgot the text books. How does the class go?
Me: The teacher never shuts up, does he?
Black: ...

4) You need help whit physic you ask 1. How does 1 help you?
Rosa: So you need help with Physics? What don't you understand?
Me: The gravity part.
Rosa drops an apple on my head.
Me: ... I don't get it...

5) Lunch time! You sit on a table whit 3,5,8 What are you talking about?
Me: Why... are the... teachers so... strict?
Axel: (shrugs)
Kari: U-Um... 
Crystal: They need to get laid. Big time.
Me: ... Wanna see how much homework I got?

6) 6 tries to steal lunch from 8. What happens?
Crystal punches Light.
Crystal: The hell, man?
Light: ... Sorry... It was a dare...

7) P.E. you teacher told you to do warm up whit 10, when a fight break out between 4 and 5) What is the reason for it? And what do you two do about it?
Me: ... Seriously? Since when did high school do mixed gender PE?
Phoenix: Please can you remind me why Mei is arguing with Kari? (Though it's Mei doing most of the arguing)
Me: She's trying to get her to ask out Light... Should we stop them?
Phoenix: Nope. It's never a good idea to break up a cat fight. No matter how onesided it is.

8) First school day done, you are tired arent you? 1 ask you if you want to go whit her for a coffee? How does she ask you and what do you say?
Rosa: Nya... So... Tired... Want to go to the cafe for some coffee, Ichi?
Me: ...Sorry... Don't like coffee...

9) You woke up in the night and sees 7 about to play a prank on 4. What do you do?
Me: Ikari, don't! Mei will try kill you, seriously...

10) Oh noes few days later you lost a bet, now you have to write a smutty story about 2 and 9. What do you write?
Me: Oh no oh no oh no! I can't write smut! ... This will be kinda awkward to write... Fira's dating Black's older brother... Hm.... Maybe Fira and Phoenix have a break up? ...This will take a long time...

11)There is a party you see 6 and 8 dance. What do you think?
Me: ... Not sure if me like or not...

12) Too much alcohol, you got drunk. 3 help you to bed. How does 3 do it?
Axel: Okay, Ichi, you gotta go bed.
Me: Aww... Me no want to...
Axel: ... Black, please can you knock her out?

13) You wake up to find 1 sleeping beside you. You reaction?
Me: ... Huh? Rosa? What are you doing?
Rosa: (yawn) Sorry... I needed a cat nap and your room was closer nya...

14) 3 is sorry about what happened. How does 3 make up to you?
Axel: Sorry Ichi for letting you get drunk... I'll treat ya to some fish curry.
Me: ...I'll pass...

15)Oh Noes! 10 found the story about 2 and 9 you wrote. What does 10 do?
Phoenix: ...Ichigo, why did you write about my little brother and my girlfriend in a relationship? And why are they... ahem... 'doing it'?
Me: Sorry Phoeni... I lost a bet...
Phoenix: One more thing.
Me: Yeah?
Phoenix: Why does it suck so bad?
Me: What about YOU try writing about a couple you don't ship?

16) You are in the library and finds 2,7,8 whispering in a hurry. They look like they are discussing something important. You move a bit near to them what do you hear? 
Crystal: What about you say she has a nice butt?
Ikari: Why don't you give her chocolate?
Crystal: What about a pick up line?
Ikari: How about a kitty plush?
Crystal: Tell her you want to bang the living daylights out of her?
Black: ...Crystal, you are a right pervert... Ikari where can I get a kitty plush?
Me: ...

17) 9 tells you a gossip that 5 and 6 were seen making out. What do you think about it?
Me:  Fira, as much as I want it to happen, Kari's too shy to do anything like that...

18)Lucky you you found a cupcake standing lonely on a table. You eat it. 10 sees you eating it what does 10 tell you?
Me: Tasty...
Phoenix: Ichigo, you idiot...
Me: ?
Phoenix: That was a poisoned cupcake...
Me: ...Damn... 

19)You were poisoned to dead. You wake up, ah the cupcake was just a bad dream. You decide to go to 5 room for comfort and finds them playing spin the bottle. You walked in as 6 had to kiss 10. 
Me: ... Uh, I'm leaving now...

20) Too late you were pulled into the game 4 and you have to kiss. Uh-oh...
Me: No way! I'm not a les!

21) 8 just took a picture of the kiss and tossed the camera to 2 and 2 runs away whit it. why do you think they did it?
Me: Damn you Crystal! Damn you Black!
Light: Sorry, Crystal wanted some lesbian action  and he paid Black to help him.

22) 9 and you were going to your room talking about the hard exam, when you open the door to find 1 and 7 on your bed....What do you think happened and what are the reaction of you and 9?
Me and Fira walk in to see Rosa asleep and Ikari looking through a book.
Me: Why are you two here?
Ikari: Sorry, we had a school project and Rosa said-
Fira: Let me guess. Let's go here because it's closer. Nya.
Ikari: Yeah. Then she went for a cat nap.

23) 3 decided to tag two people to do this meme, what do you tell 3?
Me: Axel, do you actually know anyone to tag?
Axel: Nope~!
Me: (facepalm)
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